Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I will write more later, but needed to get this out there...

Okay, reading back over my posts, I have been ranting a bit.  Those of us who are single in SL and sexfiends can probably understand where I am coming from in most of it:)

First off, I want to thank those of you who put up with me over the last week.  My RL mother, who is my only parent in the first life, and one of my closest friends, ended up in the hospital again after massive leg and hip pain, loss of use of her legs, and frequent/sudden blackouts.  Since there is 1000 miles between us at present and I am the only one of my siblings that really gives a shit, I had to handle alot of stuff via the phone, and I got uber stressed while handling this.
Currently she is out of ICU, been in a regular room for several days, and will be moved into a rehabilitation center for approximately 3 weeks to recover use of her legs and become more mobile.  Right now, I have been working at setting up "penpals" for her... basically friends to send her a card or something silly to make her smile while she is in rehab... so my distraction from SL will be minimized soon:)

Secondly, for those who have been in a hole, you need to know that TONIGHT is the biggest fucking party of SL sexdom's existence... well, as far as I am concerned.  Tonight is the 5th anniversary of Hard Alley... Yes, the original sex-drenched sim on SL, is turning 5 years old today!  That's like... fuck.. 50 years old in RL!  lol.  Yes, I am going to be there..  I will be stripping, and I will be naked before too long, and I KNOW I am going to be fucking everything I can, so be there or be at church..... LMAO! (coincidentally, there IS a church in Hard Alley...  just watch your ass when you kneel)

THIRDLY (and one of the reasons I am writing today), I have had some people being a little confused again about my reasons for being on SL.  Folks, I have SL family and and I have close friends whom I fuck who become part of my normal SL life... but I am not looking for a boyfriend, or a partner.  At all.  I am not looking for anyone to get addicted to sex with me either.  If you are good at sex, and you can keep this as a "friend with benefits" deal, then you are in my "fuckbuddies for life" list...  LOL!
BUT... BUT...  if you start getting annoyed when I am speaking to my RL husband on the phone (he calls 10 times a day, people...  he's a trucker and I am his only source of entertainment on the road that talks back.. deal with it), if you start mentioning constantly how much you miss me between playtimes in a way that screams "I am falling for you", if you start behaving in a manner that makes me twitchy because you are acting like you are getting emotionally attached to me in a romantic way, I am going to break off the sex.  I have to, folks.  I am madly in love with my RL husband.  Who, coincidentally DOES know everything I do on here, and who has no issues with it.  Because of this, I don't want a boyfriend/girlfriend in SL.  I will NOT break someone's RL heart, when they finally get it through their head that I am not leaving my RL soulmate for them.  It's mean, and it's cruel.

If I EVER partner, it will be with one of three people (one of whom is already partnered, so she is out the door..LMAO), who are my friends and fuckbuddies, but absolutely know we are friends IRL only:)   They know who they are, and that is all that matters:)

So, back to the fuck party which is SL:)  Have a ball, friends.. and remember that SL DOES affect your RL, no matter how many people try to keep it just to SL:)  Everyone has a heart on the other side of the keyboard.

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