Monday, May 30, 2011

YES, I am still alive....

Hi everyone!  Yes, it's Suff, the news of my demise has been greatly ex...oh wait, you never heard of me before?  Carry on..LOL!

Seriously though, I know I haven't been around as of late, and most do not know why.  I tend not to talk about RL that much with majority of people, other than "hang on, hubby on phone", so this will be a change for me.

Since about October, I have been very ill.  We were not sure exactly what it was at first, and we hoped it would just go away.  Alot of abdominal pain (I thought it was my PCOD..ovarian cysts for those who don't know that one), some nausea, a few tense moments where I came close to actually letting hubby take me to the hosp.  Finally, I relented to going to the doctor, and found out I have reoccuring blockages in my colon (I know, ewww).  The treatment for this was alot harsher on me than I thought it would be, and it seems that everytime I get rid of it, it comes back again. Right NOW though, I seem to have it under control, and I am getting my stength back.

Meanwhile, I started coming back, having fun.....  and then some freak lag hit me hard in SL.  The last 2 weeks, I was barely able to move from my home or walk around Hard Alley when I get on about 2am SLT (my wakeup time at the moment).

So.. I SEEM to be able to get back on SL without much problem now, and I am feeling stronger, and I am hornier than hell again..... and noone is around when I am.  LOL!  I am online from about 2am-2pm SLT approximately, which puts me in a shitty timeframe for interaction right now.  So, if any of you who actually run across this actually are AROUND during that time, please feel free to IM me, friend me, if you do not see me in SL, then Yahoo me at SufferingfromLockjaw (all one word) and let me know your SL name so I can find you:)...  sometimes I get distracted by other games and Photoshop when nothing is going on ingame for me.

I am hoping to actually do more with this blog soon...  actually I have an idea for another post in just a bit. 

See you soon!  *Blows you....kisses;)*

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  1. Great news Suff, i am glad for you that you are gaining your strenth again.
    I'll look out for you next time i get in-world and say hi.

    See you... and thanks for the kisses. Blows you some kisses :))