Monday, May 30, 2011

Pet Peeves...

Everyone has them....  it's those little things people do that make you either want to bitchslap them into the middle of next MONTH (fuck a week... a week ain't far enough for some moments), or make your delete-happy finger dangling over the person's contact card.
So I am going to have a vent moment, because I came back into SL several times now, and got hit with my "top 2" pet peeves almost instantly..LOL

  • I know, normally when someone writes things like "No Drama" in their profile, it usually means that are the CAUSE of it.  Believe it or not, when I wrote "I am allergic to drama", I mean I don't want it. It DOES seriously make me RL physically sick (stress is bad for you, not sure you have been told that), and my health matters more to me than your soap opera.  I know that sounds selfish, but after all the months I have been sick, I am ENJOYING being able to walk outside on my own:)
  • If you are constantly (and I mean constantly) complaining about something over and over and over and over (RL sucks, my RL is abusive but "he/she is REALLY a good person when he/she is not smacking me around!", my job sucks, my SL is boring...etc..etc...), I am going to at some point stop biting my lip and give advice. Usually it's going to be "If things are not working out the way you are doing it, CHANGE IT."  There are reasons I give this advice.  I have been there.  I have done that.  I have the old hospital bills, TROs, different SL lives to prove it.  But I also know that if you are complaining to me about things, you are said it to others, and they and I would all LOVE for you to have a better life.  Love yourself enough to change your life if it is making you feel negative.  Life is too short, FAR too short.


This is the ULTIMATE way to break our friendship.  Jealousy is ugly, and is NOT a turn on.

  • I am friends with whom I want to be.  You got an issue with that?  Deal with it, buttercup. I "read" people, and sometimes I am right, sometimes I am wrong.  But unless someone is a fullon abusive fucktard to someone (and I mean, to where it would be mental, verbal, emotional, unconsented physical or sexual abuse), I am not going to choose sides.  Do I sound crass?  Not really meaning to, it's just that I don't do the "If you are going to be friends with him/her, I don't want to be friends with you" highschool bullshit.
  • You are upset that I am having sex with someone else right now, and I am not with you?  Excuse me?  The ONLY person who has a right to say "Why are you fucking someone else and not me right now" is my RL husband, and trust me, his cock is #1 on priority.  Everyone on SL at the moment is "first come, first sucked", especially with my hours being as they are:)  Still feeling sore?  Here's a lollipop.

Okay, I feel better now... LOL!  Just had one of those moments, where I needed to get that out:)

YES, I am still alive....

Hi everyone!  Yes, it's Suff, the news of my demise has been greatly ex...oh wait, you never heard of me before?  Carry on..LOL!

Seriously though, I know I haven't been around as of late, and most do not know why.  I tend not to talk about RL that much with majority of people, other than "hang on, hubby on phone", so this will be a change for me.

Since about October, I have been very ill.  We were not sure exactly what it was at first, and we hoped it would just go away.  Alot of abdominal pain (I thought it was my PCOD..ovarian cysts for those who don't know that one), some nausea, a few tense moments where I came close to actually letting hubby take me to the hosp.  Finally, I relented to going to the doctor, and found out I have reoccuring blockages in my colon (I know, ewww).  The treatment for this was alot harsher on me than I thought it would be, and it seems that everytime I get rid of it, it comes back again. Right NOW though, I seem to have it under control, and I am getting my stength back.

Meanwhile, I started coming back, having fun.....  and then some freak lag hit me hard in SL.  The last 2 weeks, I was barely able to move from my home or walk around Hard Alley when I get on about 2am SLT (my wakeup time at the moment).

So.. I SEEM to be able to get back on SL without much problem now, and I am feeling stronger, and I am hornier than hell again..... and noone is around when I am.  LOL!  I am online from about 2am-2pm SLT approximately, which puts me in a shitty timeframe for interaction right now.  So, if any of you who actually run across this actually are AROUND during that time, please feel free to IM me, friend me, if you do not see me in SL, then Yahoo me at SufferingfromLockjaw (all one word) and let me know your SL name so I can find you:)...  sometimes I get distracted by other games and Photoshop when nothing is going on ingame for me.

I am hoping to actually do more with this blog soon...  actually I have an idea for another post in just a bit. 

See you soon!  *Blows you....kisses;)*