Friday, October 1, 2010

Introduction to the slut deep within...

I have been thinking through what I wanted to write in my first blog, and I think... I think I have decided:)  First, a little about the slut behind the slut, for those who have been asking....  and then onto Suff's story.

In real life (Yes, I am going to mention it..LOL), I am in my late 30s, and married to my Beloved, who is my whole world.  My life revolves around him in ways that I can only begin to describe.  We are real life swingers, both of us having high libidos and LOVING to share pleasure with friends.  Sadly, his work schedule is so nuts that swinging is on the back burner, so Suff was taken out of her little closet, dusted off, revamped, dropped into Hard Alley (A place I had been craving to try), and then revamped again by a loving friend I affectionately call my Fairy StripperMommy. 
Part of why I mention RL is for this:  on this avatar (I have others, yes), SL stays in SL.  No, I will not exchange RL pictures (a few have those, but they gained a level of trust after I knew they were mainly friends), I am not going to be having RL sex with it, so why see it, you know?:)  Let's keep this strictly to friends having cyber sex, and leave it at that:)

Now, onto Suff's story:

I don't remember much of my life, before I landed in the Alley.  I remember my mother, faintly, before she died, and I remember her calling me "Leannan", but then she died when I was a teen.  After that, it was foster home after foster home, with each of my "fathers" sneaking into my room after lights out, to fondle me.  The thing is, even though the grown men touching me made me nauseous, I liked the sensations.... alot.  The feeling coursing through my body as their hands wandered, gave me feelings I didn't know were possible.  I was so glad to grow up and get the fuck away from those sick bastards, but it opened up a whole new world for me.  If I ever castrate them, I will be sure to thank them while grinding my Stiletto Moody heels into their scrotum before making them into useless eunuchs... *smiles sweetly*.
Since I hit 18 and the goverment told me to get the hell out, I have been wandering the streets.  They gave me a ticket outside the grungy bustop in the middle of downtown, 100$ for to keep me alive for a few days, and said "Oh yeah, today's your 18th birthday, see ya."  The long busride was full of groping smelly drunk bastards, and I got off that bus at the first town I could... a little bus shelter outside a dimly lit stripclub called Hard Core. 
I walked in, feeling a little out of place, but sensing that this was a place that I would fit in.  After a few days of barely eating and realizing my funds were low, I took an application for a stripper position at Hard Core, and handed it into Trixi, handing her some incriminating photos of some of the residents as backup insurance on the job.  Hey, this is a sleaze town, you thought I was gonna get the job because of my looks?  Hell to the fuck no, I had a choice, it was corruption or fucking my way in, and the owner was a little busy at the time;)
Working nightclubs as a stripper taught me about the pleasures of running my hands over a woman's soft skin and drinking the sweet nectar from their lips, of laying back on the stage with my head hanging over while a customer shoves his hard, thick cock down my throat (Mmmmm), and about being covered in more than one body at a time and the thrill of sating groups. The dark alleys off the main streets taught me about the deep excitement that fear can lend to sex. Fuck, I love my job.
So, I walk the Alley, looking for that feeling, over and over...that natural high that only sex can give me, feeding off the pleasure that courses through my body every time I scream out in pain and pleasure.